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Tree pruning work christchurch city


Tree Trimming Christchurch

Large Oak tree pruned by means of reduction to allow for size management throughout the future.
Oak tree reduction pruning by our qualified arborist team in Christchurch
Tree pruning and thinning of trees over hanging house in Lincoln, Christchurch
Small tree pruning work to reduce overall size of tree and shape up for the future.

Trees are living, breathing organisms. They are alive! and just like any other living thing, they could use a good cleaning from time to time.

We are one of Christchurch's trusted providers of tree pruning services, we like to think that tree trimming and pruning the branches of a leafy tree on your property is the same as getting a haircut. The only difference being that when your trees branches get tangled up, there could be dire consequences.

Our Christchurch Tree trimming services are designed to:

  • Restore life to your trees

  • Prevent and mitigate tree-related issues

  • Save you time and money in the process

  • Help you sell your home faster

  • Make your property aesthetically pleasing

  • Provide answers to your tree-related questions

Our local eco-friendly tree services guarantee the health and safety of both you and your trees.



Why Pay for Tree Trimming Services in Christchurch?

Tree trimming, pruning, and all around tree care keeps the city neat and tidy, as well as the trees healthy. With commercial-grade equipment and decades of industry expertise, our team of qualified arborist's provide Christchurch businesses and homes with seasonal and emergency services that save them time and money. 

ArborPro Tree Service is based in the city of Christchurch but operate Canterbury wide!


Our Equipment

Trees are majestic giants, and inexperienced people, such as homeowners and DIY'er's, aren’t always careful when working at great heights. Homeowners don’t have the same kind of equipment to efficiently get the job done.

Whilst we have access to Cranes, cherry pickers, and safety harness' with specifically rated climbing ropes and rigging equipment, homeowners have ladders and handsaws. One false move and they could seriously hurt themselves.

When the ArborPro tree pruning team shows up, we’re fully equipped to provide you with the tree services you need.


Arborist Expertise

It’s vital to think about your trees health. A good trim and prune is a mix of science and art.

Sure, home and building owners should know the reasons why they need tree or hedge trimming in the first place, but to ensure their trees health, Our Tree Pruning Arborists have:

  • A knack for predicting the future growth of limbs

  • A keen eye for property/landscape design and how your trees will fit in!

  • Industry knowledge of how to maintain the health of your property’s trees

  • Years of experience in determining which species can or cannot handle harsher pruning methods.

Every tree climber at ArborPro Tree trimming Christchurch has the knowledge to help you with any questions you might have. By having our tree pruning experts do the work for you, you’re investing in your home and commercial properties long-term care.


Save Time & Money

Paying for ArborPro Tree Trimming Christchurch means we can tell you how long the job will take and make sure it gets done in a set amount of time.

Hiring ArborPro Trimming in Christchurch also means:

  • You won’t need to unnecessarily remove or replace your trees because you caused damage to them.

  • You won’t need to rent equipment or replace your own tools if they get damaged.

  • You’ll save money because we are a small company providing a top quality tree pruning service

  • We pride ourselves on providing competitive pricing on all our tree service's

From tree pruning to hedge trimming and tree removal, ArborPro's team is here to do the work for you the right way!


Fast Response + Emergency Tree Service!

Our professional Arborist Christchurch team are quick to answer your call when your property has experienced storm damage. We will assess the situation and provide whatever you need, including tree removal.

The safety of your home is one of our top priorities. Should you require tree removal Christchurch, we can also provide stump grinding to make your property look beautiful again!

















Tree Bracing for High Risk Trees


In some cases, steel cabling and bracing are required to add

structural support to trees. There are three reasons for this:

  • Prevention: The cables and braces will prevent a trees

health from declining due to storm stress and the weight

of snow, ice, and foliage

  • Restoration: The cables and braces provide support

to trees that lost one of their main leaders due to a storm

or tree removal and may not be as structurally strong in

harsh weather.

  • Mitigation: The cables and braces will reduce the

chances of multi-stemmed trees becoming a hazard in

busy areas.

Cabling and bracing are the two most common forms of

structural support for trees. They involve installing flexible cables

(Dynamic Support Systems) or rigid rods (Threaded Rods) to

reduce the chances of failure. Cables are typically installed high

in the tree and bolting rods are installed much lower, just above

and/or below the defect. Cables are better and healthier alternative

over rods because of their greater leverage and flexibility for future


What does the bracing process look like?

First, have one of our qualified arborists assess the trees overall structural integrity and health. There are many signs we can see which are not always prominent or apparent and our experience can help with that.

Proper placement is the key to the installation of any tree bracing techniques. There are many important technical aspects to correct cabling and bracing and the first is the choice of hardware. What are the strengths of the hardware and what are the features, benefits and limitation in each circumstance? Where are we going to place it and in what configuration? Single, multiple, triangle or star are some of the ways we handle this.

Our primary solution here at ArborPro Tree Trimming is the use of Dynamic Support Systems, things like the Cobra or Boa offer this. Trees are complex living organisms and they need to move and bend and flex in order to sense where they need response wood for strength. Much like leaving a tree staked too long, the tree doesn’t grow the necessary root for structure and stability. When a tree bends, flexes and moves in the wind, the symplast (just under the bark of the tree) creates a stimulus that in turn causes the tree to add response wood in the areas it needs. This is a huge benefit with our support systems as they help the tree achieve that and become stronger with elasticity and rubber inserts in the ropes.

The dynamic systems are also less invasive and, rather than drilling into the tree and inserting through bolts, the dynamic support systems go around the tree and can expand as the tree grows, therefore not girdling the tree either. If we install static or steel cables with bolts into the tree we take this ability away from the tree. However in extreme circumstances we will resort to bolts and rigid cables should the wounds or value of the tree warrant it.












What are the benefits of Tree Pruning?


At ArborPro Tree Service, our knowledge and experience are matched only by our passion and dedication for keeping Mother Nature healthy. Having the trees on your property trimmed up by qualified arborists will help to enhance the look of your property, increase the value of your home, extend the life of your trees, and most importantly, keep you, your family, and staff safe from the hazards of falling limbs.

We're able to prune your trees at the right time, the right way and most importantly, educate you on how best to maintain your trees and garden

Tree Pruning:

  • Improves plant health and longevity

  • Improves tree appearance and shape

  • Maximises sunlight into a property

  • Removes weak branches/fronds that are a risk

  • Ensures building and power line clearance

  • Correct irregular growing habits

  • Encourage an earlier bloom

  • Increase the quantity of fruit/flowers

Our tree trimming service Christchurch helps maximise your tree or plants growth, form and structure. However, it is important that trimming is done correctly or the health of a tree can be significantly affected.

It’s vital that tree trimming is done at the right time, using the right technique and in accordance to the plants specific structure and growth habits. If a plant is trimmed improperly it can cause lasting negative effects which range from stunted growth, failure to produce to significantly shortening its lifespan. This is why it’s imperative that

tree trimming is conducted by experts, such as the team at ArborPro Tree Service Christchurch.




Do we have a Hedge Trimming service?

We sure do!!!

Is there anything more joyful and pleasing to the senses than seeing a neat row of hedges all tightly lined up?

Neat, symmetrical hedges help keep a home and property looking tidy, and are a reflection of the care and dedication you have to maintaining your homes appearance. Just like the investment you make in trimming your hedges is a reflection of your pride in your home, the job that ArborPro tree service Christchurch does is a reflection of the pride we take in being one of the leading tree service providers.

Anyone can show up and try to tame the wild mess of brush lining your property, but few do it right, and none do it with the level of care and attention that we use

Why You Should Hire A Pro to Trim Your Hedges

It’s because theres a right way and a wrong way to do things, and professionals know how to maximise the value of your hedges, promote hedge health, and increase the value of your property. Hedge Trimming and pruning your hedges at least once per year benefits you by:

  • Adding value to your home and increasing appeal

  • Helping improve your privacy against nosey neighbours

  • Keeping your hedges healthier for longer

Our experts are trained in the correct pruning technique for whichever species of hedges or foliage that you have around the home, so whether you are looking to spruce the place up for an outdoor party in the summer, trying to reign in the summer growing season and tame the hedges, or looking to sell your property and want to increase your street appeal, trimming the hedges is not something you should trust to anyone but the professionals! 

With more than a decade of experience in the industry and a track record of satisfied customers throughout the local area, ArborPro provides hedge trimming Christchurch performed only by trained and dedicated Arborists.


Tricky Trees? ...YES Please!!!
       FREE QUOTES...  0800 902 209

Tree Bracing
Large storm damaged willow tree had tree bracing installed by our qualified arborist team.
Large Eucalyptus tree has tree bracing installed by our qualified arborist team.
Large Palm tree pruning to allow more sunlight into property and beautify the palm tree.

Types Of Tree Pruning :

With our experienced Arborists, we perform all of the following tree pruning services:

  • Deadwood Removal – dead branches, particularly Eucalyptus, naturally shed from a tree at any time. Pruning prevents them from dropping to the ground and reduces the risk of falling limbs, ensuring the safety of your family and neighbours.

  • Selective Tree Pruning – removing specific branches that are causing problems over buildings, power lines or walkways.

  • Reduction Pruning – often undertaken on mature, declining trees where the removal of damaged or diseased branches are pruned back to healthy, undamaged timber. This promotes new shoots which in time create a new tree canopy and can save a tree or prolong its lifespan. 

  • Crown Thinning – pruning smaller secondary branches to increase air circulation and sunlight into a property.

  • Crown Lifting – clears low hanging branches to provide clearance for vehicles, walkways or underplanting.

  • Formative Pruning – done when the tree is young with the goal of creating a well shaped, strong and safe tree. 

  • Fruit Tree Pruning - All fruit trees have a correct season or time of year to prune and is essential for the trees health and maintenance.

  • Protected Tree pruning - Council Protected trees and trees on the heritage list have very strict guidelines about what method and how much our qualified arborist is allowed to prune.

Hedge Trimming

Let’s get those Trees pruned the right way!

Our Affordable Tree Service team can provide all your tree pruning needs and advice in maintaining or improving the look, shape and structural integrity of your trees. When it comes time for tree pruning, call in the experts!

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