Affordable Tree removal in Christchurch!
There’s so much more to tree removal than just felling trees. There are many reasons why a tree may need to be felled. It may be an obstruction, have become weakened, diseased or be a hazard. The tree roots may be undermining a wall or building’s foundations, or breaking through underground pipes.
Whatever the reason, Tree felling is not something to be undertaken lightly.
Large trees should be removed by Qualified Arborists who have full insurance cover. This ensures the safety of all property and people nearby.

Qualified Arborists With REAL Experience!
Our Tree Removal crew is one of the best!
We specialise in tricky Tree Removals in difficult locations.
You can rest assured you are getting the best value for money here.

The Right Gear For The Job!
At ArborPro Tree Services, we have the specialist equipment and expertise to remove a tree and guarantee to do the job safely and properly.
We ensure your property and assets are fully protected, have an excellent safety record, and follow industry best practices. 

Advanced Rigging Techniques
We regularly carry out technical tree removals over glass houses, sheds, gardens, roofs and everything else in between! Our Qualified arborists are very experienced in all tree removals techniques.

Christchurch tree removal experts
Tree removal in hunstbury using a hiab crane

Storm Damaged Tree Removal
Storm damage trees can be dangerously loaded with compressed tension and needs extreme attention and experience.
We provide 24/7 Storm damage clean up service.

Dangerous or Complex Projects
The ArborPro team are fully capable of safely tackling all types of tree removal, including hazardous jobs. We can offer crane and hi-ab services to handle any tree felling job that comes our way

Site Clearance Specialists

We can wipe your site clean of all vegetation using excavator mounted mulchers, large wood chippers and state of the art stump grinding equipment. This is essential for building development whether it be residential or commercial, We can help you out!

Stump Grinding

Once you have had your tree removed you will be left with a stump cut flush around ground level. We grind this stump out providing a fresh landscape for a new tree planting, deck, fence or building project.

Large tree removal in hoon hay
Palm tree removal in fendalton


Silver birch tree removal job in spreydon
Tree removal next to house in christchurch