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There’s so much more to tree removal than just felling trees. There are many reasons why a tree may need to be felled. It may be an obstruction, have become weakened, diseased or be a hazard. The roots may be undermining a wall or building’s foundations, or breaking through underground pipes.

Whatever the reason, Tree felling is not something to be undertaken lightly.

Large trees should be removed by Qualified Arborists who have full insurance cover. This ensures the safety of all property and people nearby.


At ArborPro Tree Services, we have the specialist equipment and expertise to remove a tree and guarantee to do the job safely and properly.

We ensure your property and assets are fully protected, have an excellent safety record, and follow industry best practices. After a Tree felling chrisctchurch has been carried out, we can also complete the stump grinding service for you!

Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to assess your tree and advise you of the best course of action – felling isn’t always the only option.


Tree felling Christchurch with our tree removal experts

Tree Felling: Usually a ground based technique that can only be used in open and unobstructed areas.

Ideal for farming and forestry situations where there is plenty of room and/or trees to remove.



This is the safer and more common technique for our tree removal crew.

This requires our arborists to climb the tree using advanced rope climbing techniques and install rigging equipment which allows the crew to sectionally remove pieces of the tree with complete control to ground level.



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