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Stump Grinding and stump removal work carried out by our qualified arborist.


Stump Grinding Christchurch

Whether it is construction site clearance, Re Landscaping of your garden, 1 Large tree stump or even 100's of tree stumps from a large tree removal project, You can trust us for fast, tidy & reliable stump removal Christchurch


Not only are tree stumps eyesores, they attract pests as they rot away on your property. There is no reason to keep them once the rest of the tree is gone.

When you need to remove a tree stump, our team will grind it down and provide you with:

  • A safe and efficient process done by the professionals

  • A cleaner, safer, and healthier property

  • Improved street appeal, especially when you sell your house

  • Qualified arborist to answer questions and provide industry expertise

ArborPro stump removal offers professional tree removal and the kind of stump grinding Christchurch residents need to maintain their properties health and ensure the safety of family, staff, and guests.

Why Use ArborPro Tree Stump Removal?

ArborPro has been stump grinding Christchurch stumps for years, helping the people

of the Canterbury region clean up their yards. We are a family-owned and operated

arborist company that believes in caring for trees. We offer efficient, safe, and affordable

stump grinding and tree removal services to free up space and beautify landscapes.

When you work with ArborPro Tree Service Christchurch, we:

  • Provide you with an evaluation of your stumps condition

  • Prepare the area

  • Use a grinder that suits the size of your stump

  • Clean up to leave your property like new

Our qualified arborists will be in and out before you know it, skillfully grinding the stump

down with professional equipment and care.










The Benefits of ArborPro Stump Removal Service...

Our stump removal services will provide you with a massive sense of relief in addition to these benefits:


Save Time & Money

Stump removal is by no means a DIY project. Property owners often avoid calling for tree removal services because they fear it will be a long process. Luckily, thats not true! By hiring ArborPro stump grinding Christchurch professionals to do the work for you, not only will they save you time, they’ll save you money by allowing you to skip the rental of necessary (and dangerous) equipment, equipment that should only be handled by a professional anyhow.


Profit from a Job Well Done

When it comes to stump grinding, Most home owner's don’t know very much about root systems or tree species. This lack of knowledge can lead to issues if a property owner decides to do a stump removal themselves.

Using ArborPro tree removal Christchurch on the other hand, guarantees that the stump removal will be completed without any harm to the rest of the property. The qualified arborist will also assess the condition of your tree stump, as well as know the right equipment and techniques to remove it.


Sell Your Property Faster

If you’re fixing up your home in Christchurch to sell it, you’re probably doing a bit of landscaping. No matter how many flowers and decorations you put on your property, that stump will stand out no matter the season. It will have to go because you don’t want to give potential owners more reasons than necessary to deter them from putting an offer on the house.


Increase Your Landscaping Options

With a tree stump taking up space on your property, owners are forced to limit what they want to do with the area. Or they force themselves to creatively camouflage the stump. But the fact of the matter is that you should remove a tree stump no matter what. Take it out of the equation, and your landscaping options are much more flexible.

Large stumps removed with our state of the art stump grinder in Christchurch
Stump Grinding work carried out in motunau from a tree removal we carried out earlier in the year.

Christchurch based, Working Canterbury wide!

Storm damaged tree removed and stump grinding carried out to allow for new grass
Stump grinding work completed by our qualified arborist team.

Storm damaged tree removal, now ready to re sow the grass!

Large tree stump safely removed using our Bandit Stump grinder in Christchurch

The Dangers of Leaving a Stump


It might not seem like a big deal to leave that unsightly stump right where it is, but there are actually a few dangers that you need to keep in mind. Aside from the fact that tree stumps are normally not so easy on the eyes and you should also be aware that:

  • Stumps pose dangers to children and equipment: People, particularly children, don’t normally keep their eyes open for things while running around. Going full speed and tripping over an unseen stump is a guaranteed injury. With equipment, such as a lawnmower or even automobiles, small stumps can lead to major damages and costly repairs. It’s best to free up the space for something more pleasant.


  • Stumps rot and attract pests: If a stump is left on your lawn for too long, it will begin to rot and become a breeding ground for a variety of pests, including Ants, Wasps, Spiders etc. The pests can sometimes affect the rest of your plants and trees.

  • Stumps can lead to future tree growth: There’s a good chance that sprouts will spring up around the base of a tree. Before you know it, you might have yourself a new forest growing in the front lawn.

Stump grinding  prevents extra problems from arising and keeps the area safe for everyone.

Tricky Trees? ...YES Please!

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