Do You need to remove stumps from your property?

Whether it is a construction site clearance, Reclamation of your  garden, 1 Large tree stump Or even 100's of stumps from a shelter belt tree removal project, You can rely on us for FAST, TIDY & RELIABLE Stump removal.

We provide residential and Commercial Stump grinding service across Canterbury!

Stump grinding is the most effective way of removing stumps. It also minimises the amount of damage done to your property. Whatever the size, ArborPro tree services will take care of your stump removal with little to no impact on its existing landscape. We utilise only the finest tools and modern stump grinding equipment to stump grind stumps without sacrificing property value!

We are based in christchurch but operate all over canterbury!!!

How much does stump grinding cost?

Very often our customers phone through and ask "How much to do some stump grinding?".

The general rule of thumb is to measure the complete width of the tree stump or its visable surface roots. 

  • Measure the diameter(width) Of the stump at ground level (as shown in pic) 

  • If the stump has a large humped ground surface around the tree trunk then you could include this in you width measurement to insure we will grind the area back to ground level.

  • Measure the height of the stump above ground level (must be less than 2 inch's or additional charges will apply for cutting the stump lower with a chainsaw first.)

  • Pricing Estimates range between $1.50 - $3.50 Per centimetre of stump to be ground.

  • Factors that will charge the above pricing guidelines are: Rocks/pavers and other landscaping materials that are in the way of the stump grinding area. Access to tree stump removal area like tight gates / Steep hillsides / Very tight confined areas / Extremely hardwood trees and Palm trees are also difficult to deal with.

  • We leave the site clean however there is a large amount of wood chip material often left behind in replacement of the stump, This can be removed by our team however does include an additional charge.


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