Tree Stump Removal + Stump Grinding Christchurch
Whether it is a construction site clearance, Reclamation of your  garden, 1 Large tree stump Or even 100's of tree stumps from a large tree removal project, You can trust us for FAST, TIDY & RELIABLE Stump removal.
Stump grinding is the most effective way of removing stumps. It also minimizes the amount of damage done to your property. Whatever the size of the stump, ArborPro tree services will take care of your stump removal with little to no impact on its existing landscape. We utilise only the finest tools and modern stump grinding equipment to grind out stumps without sacrificing property value!

Stump removal the same day tree removal occurs!
Tree removal and stump grinding throughout Christchurch



First step for an accurate quote is to measure the tree stump just like the photo below.

Secondly make sure you have an accessway to the tree stump of 79cm wide (Gates etc...)



Send us a text,email or give us a ring! We will ask if you have any photos you could send us and what your access is like!

From this information we can provide a decent estimate but nothing beats a good old site visit for a firm quote!



If happy with pricing and terms, We will generally get to your place within 7days, Dependant on location and amount of stumps etc.

The site is left tidy with all stump grindings raked back into the hole. (We can also remove for extra cost)

Now you can crack on with new landscaping!

Tree stump removal through out Christchurch


When Fence panels, Rocks, Bricks, Steel or Stones are removed from the site first, We can ensure a clean and proper job!

Stump grinding a magnolia tree close to the fenceline
Magnolia tree removal and stump grinding for new concrete patio
Large stump removal project
Hundreds of stumps removed in akaroa

Big Stumps can mean big equipment! At ArborPro Stump grinding we can handle the lot!

Can we grind Palm trees and Cabbage stumps?

You blimmin bet we can! OUR State of the art machinary allows us to demolish the entire root ball of any tree stump!

tree stump removal in christchurch
Stump grinding eucalyptus tree in riccarton

Do you take the stump grindings away?...

Not usually as we generally just rake back into the hole and lightly compact.

However we can clear all Stump grinding material and even wipe whole sections clear of stumps, flaxes and most other vegetation!

Just ask for the full package at time of quote!