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Tree Service Christchurch

We Offer a Range of Tree Services to Meet Your Needs

Based in Christchurch, Working Canterbury wide!

We are specialists at tricky trees in difficult locations, providing the whole of Canterbury with tip top tree care solutions!

Tree Removal 

Our Tree Removal crew is one of the best! We are Qualified Arborists with real Experience!

We specialise in tricky tree removals in difficult locations so you can rest assured you are getting the best value for money here.
At ArborPro Tree Removal Christchurch, we have the specialised equipment and expertise to remove a tree and ensure to do the job safely and professionally. We ensure your property and assets are fully protected, have an excellent safety record, and for piece of mind we have full insurance cover! ​


Dangerous or Complex Projects are our speciality!

We regularly carry out technical tree removals over glass houses, sheds, gardens, roofs and everything else in between!

Our Qualified arborists are very experienced in all tree removal techniques, Tree Felling, Crane Removals, Helicopter lifting, Excavator assisted tree felling.

The ArborPro Arborist team are fully capable of safely tackling all aspects of tree removal, hazardous jobs are our speciality!

 We work closely with other local companies to offer Crane, Helicopter and hi-ab services to handle any tree felling job that comes our way.

Qualified arborist removing large Beech tree hanging over house.
Tree pruning large plane tree to prevent leaf litter on helicopter shed

Tree Pruning 

We are your Tree Pruning Specialists! Tree Pruning services carried out by our Qualified Arborists will ensure your trees are healthy and safe for future generations. Our Qualified Arborists perform all methods of Tree Pruning Services in any commercial or residential situation.


Trees are living, breathing organisms. They are alive! And just like any other living thing, they could use a good cleaning from time to time.

Tree Pruning is important for a trees health but also every tree is different, so most important is having a Qualified Arborist from our team assess your trees and discuss the required outcome for your individual situation.


If you have a tree hanging over the road or want to let some light into your property...CALL US NOW!


Stump Grinding

 FAST, TIDY & RELIABLE Stump Grinding Christchurch
Stump grinding is the most effective way of removing stumps. It also minimizes the amount of damage done to your property. Whatever the size of the stump, ArborPro Stump Grinding Christchurch will take care of your stump removal with little to no impact on its existing landscape. We utilise only the finest tools and modern stump grinding equipment to grind out stumps without sacrificing property value!


Tree Stumps may be removed for a variety of different reasons and this will highlight to us how the work needs to be carried out. Whether we are removing a tree stump to stop it growing back or to allow a deep enough hole for replanting a new tree, we make sure the job is carried out safely and professionally.


We ensure that we are clear and upfront about the depth we can grind down too and how the site will be left on completion of the works. Contrary to belief, Most of the roots on a tree stump are wider than they are deep, Making replanting a new tree easy!

Stump Removal company in Christchurch
Large tree pruning project completed by our qualified arborist

Tree Bracing + Cabling

In some cases, steel cabling and bracing are required to add structural support to trees. 

Cabling and bracing are the two most common forms of structural support for trees.

They involve installing flexible cables/rope (Dynamic Support Systems) OR rigid rods (Threaded Rods) to reduce the chances of failure.

Cables are typically installed high in the tree and bolting rods are installed much lower, just above and/or below the defect.

Cables are always a preferred method over rods because of their greater leverage and flexibility but rods can be a great compliment to cables.

Chainsaw milling

Chainsaw and Timber Milling

Arborpros ambition is to provide superior portable saw milling and re-purposing solutions for trees we remove throughout Canterbury.


It is our goal to work with you, our clients, to provide only the best quality products.

When you hire ArborPro Tree services Timber crew for on site saw milling we always ensure you end up with a cost effective quality product.

Why transport logs multiple times? We can bring our equipment to your site, where they can be handled once. Saving you time and money but also greatly reducing the environmental carbon footprint by removing the need for trucking your logs many kilometers away. By re-purposing logs into usable materials, you are not only helping our environment, but are creating the opportunity to produce a quality home project.

Whether you like to do it yourself or hire a professional builder, having custom timber created to your specifications will produce endless possibilities.

Qualified arborist carrying out chainsaw milling service for our client's
Hedge trimming by qualified arborists throughout the canterbury region

Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming is a method to keep your shrubs well maintained and looking crisp!

Isnt it nice on the eye to see a neat row of hedges all tightly trimmed up?

Neat, symmetrical hedges help keep a home and property looking tidy, and are a reflection of the care and dedication you have to maintaining your homes appearance. Just like the investment you make in trimming your hedges is a reflection of your pride in your home, the job that ArborPro Tree Service does is a reflection of the pride we take in being one of Christchurch's leading tree service providers.

Anyone can show up and try to tame the wild mess of brush lining your property, but few do it right, and none do it with the level of care and attention that we use!

Site Clearance

Site Clearance Service

Theres more to land clearing than simple tree removal. ArborPro Tree Service helps homeowners, municipalities, and commercial developers prepare land for building by offering total land clearing services that leave you satisfied to start the next project.

We also have an amazing stump grinder to clean up the stumps and roots left behind from vegetation removal! This makes us your one stop shop for site clearance work!

Whether it’s building a house, preparing land for new development, Landscaping , Walking tracks, Cliff Safety work. ArborPro Tree Service is here to help. 

Site clearance of all vegetation for property development
Tree House Building
Tree house building throughout Canterbury

Tree House Construction

As far as we’re concerned, treehouses are not just for children. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you do for a living; everyone needs to have a bit of excitement in their lives and a breathtakingly beautiful hideout up in the trees will bring a smile to your face, every time.

We believe in bringing our clients closer to the natural world, creating amazing lofty abodes that they adore from the moment we reveal the designs. Whats more, we absolutely love doing it.

Our aim is to reconnect people with the great outdoors enabling them to create their own extraordinary memories and adventures. We’re known for designing buildings that reflect their natural settings, nestled amongst the branches or tucked away in the woods.

We care for the environment and want to do our best to ensure that the natural world is protected and can be enjoyed for generations to come. We promote sustainable principles and ethics throughout every stage of our design and build process, so you can rest assured that your new treehouse is as eco-friendly as possible.

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