Wood chipping is an excellent option for debris removal if you decide to complete you own tree removals or prune and trim your own trees, as it can be more economical than dumping and safer than burning. An added bonus is that our customers can chose to keep the chip mulch for landscaping.

In a very reasonable amount of time, we can turn those bushes, brush and branches into small wood chips and remove them from your property or leave them with you for mulching

There is a set-up charge and then an hourly rate once the work commences. The chipper will chip material up to 12 inch diameter in any lengths.


  • We can chip a lot of branch material in one hour.

  • Ask about ways to Save you Money.

As far as scheduling, we can not commit to a date or time, as wood chipping jobs are usually worked in between other jobs when we are in the area and done when the opportunity presents itself. We do make the pledge to complete it as soon as possible.

Wood chipping service and tree removal christchurch
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