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We are your Tree Pruning Specialists! Tree Pruning services carried out by our Qualified Arborists will ensure your trees are healthy and safe for future generations. Our Qualified Arborists perform all aspects of Tree Pruning Services in any commercial or residential situation.
Tree Pruning is important for a trees health but more important is having a Qualified Arborist from our team assess your trees and discuss the required outcome for your individual situation. If you have a tree hanging over the road or want to let some light into your property...CALL US NOW!


 To reduce the height of a tree in the healthiest way known. This is by cutting back to decent growth points where the tree can then heal its wounds and put energy/growth into new head stems.

Tree reduction is the trickiest form of tree pruning
Large tree pruning work by our qualified arborist

Selective pruning of lower branches to set a distance between the ground and the crown of the tree. Multiple trees can be pruned to the same height to give a very uniform appearance.

Beech tree pruned to allow more light into property
Large tree pruning specialists


Willow tree pruning in christchurch
Tree pruning in driveway area to improve access

Deadwooding is the practice of removing dead branches from your tree. It's a crucial part of tree maintenance that cuts away loose or dying branches, These tree limbs are the most likely to break or fall during a storm.
Great for Tree aesthetics!

Oak tree pruning to allow more light into property

To improve light penetration through the tree canopy whilst retaining height, form and shape.

Qualified arborist in christchurch

To ensure that your fruit trees remain at their healthiest, it is important to prune each year to encourage new growth. In return, you will be rewarded with a decent haul when fruiting time comes around. The aim of pruning is to encourage renewal of fruiting wood for regular crops of quality fruit, to let light into the tree, to remove diseased parts and to control a tree’s height.

Fruit tree pruning must be done at the right time of year
Tree pruning by qualified arborists in christchurch
qualified arborist pruning trees in akaroa

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