tree planting in christchurch
commercial tree planting service

Our Christchurch Tree Specialists have the experience to ensure that your new trees will be correctly planted, we provide the right ingredients to enable them to estabilish and thrive in their new location.


Proper planting techniques = selection of tree is a vital decision.

Wet/Dry, Sun/Shade, Power Lines, Houses, Pedestrians, Vehicles are all variables that are important to think about before any tree planting project.

We can source trees in bulk quantities and of ALL sizes to beautify your lifestyle Block or source large trees and palms to add some "WOW' factor in your property

















To Help our freshly planted trees thrive in their new environment we offer an aftercare maintenace option. (All large planting projects recieve this free of charge)

This can cover such things as watering, fertilising, re-mulching, staking, formative pruning and regular checks on trees health.

This is great for commercial clients who dont have time for the maintence required to grow the healthiest speciman of tree...WE DO IT ALL!




Tree pruning from a young age is vital for a trees healthy future.
Planting trees is important for our future!
Tree planting is an important part of any Landscape project!

Commercial + Residential Tree Planting Service anywhere in Canterbury!