Our BOXER mini skid steer with log grapple and 4 in 1 bucket. Fits through a standard gate and can lift over 550kg.

Perfect for timber extraction after Tree removal works and small earth work projects where space is an issue.

Our Machine is a BOXER 950HD skid steer which has an impressive 48hp Diesel Engine. This will fit through a 1100mm wide access point and can carry large volumes of branch material, timber, compost and rubbish to load awaiting vehicles with its maximum lift height of 2.2m with an impressive operating capacity of 450kgs and a tipping capacity of 1200kgs means this machine can lift out material that would require a huge amount of man power.

With a ground speed of 8kmph this machine can quickly tackle steep and wet terrain that wheeled loaders would struggle with!

Our Machine Operators.

All operators are trained Arborists who work for ArborPro Canterbury and have further training in First Aid, Wood Chipping, Rigging, Machines and much more, meaning that their understanding of the machine and how it works would also speed up production when hiring out both machine and man.

Site Clearance work in Christchurch
Site clearance work in Christchurch
Site clearance contractor christchurch


We Provide you with a Man and our Skidsteer machine!

-Post Hole Boring

Large amounts of postholes can be bored in a single day, This machine makes digging holes by hand seem like a real joke! We have access to multiple sizes of auger aswel.

-Rock Removal

This machine has incredible power which allows for safe manouvering of rocks around your property or loading up onto a truck for removal if needed. Will lift 500kg up to 2.4meter in the air!


Large areas of land can be changed very quickly with our rippers and buckets to provide quick and efficient site clearance to allow for new landscaping work.

We have multiple bucket options allowing for very quick moving of large quantities of material like Soil, Bark, Compost and Gravels.


We Often use our machine on difficult access building sites when materials like Posts, Concrete, Pellets, Gravels etc are needed in a tricky location. Our machine carries the weight of more than 10men at a time, This saves on productivity by letting the machine do the work!

Will lift 500kg up to 2.4meter in the air!

This is always the toughest labourer on site!

-Flax Removal

Although beautiful, New Zealand flax can quickly become out of control. Removing flax bushes can be difficult and expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing.

ArborPro has a very effective method of pulling flax bushes out in large clumps using a special attachment on our BOXER 950HD mini skid steer.  This machine will fit through a gap of 1100mm and has the power to clear large areas of flax extremely efficiently. 

Because the plants are being teared out of the ground rather than dug out the amount of dirt that comes with them is limited. This minimises disposal and transport costs and eliminates the need to bring in replacement topsoil.  This is by far the quickest, tidiest and most cost effective method of large scale flax bush removal.

We clear large areas with literally hundreds of flax, Grasses and toi tois etc.

-Scrub Mulching

Do you need land cleared of difficult to handle plants that can’t be easily cut such as gorse, blackberry, pampus grass, bamboo or similar?

The best way to describe a scrub-mulcher is to think of it as a giant lawnmower for trees. These machines are different from a chipper which requires pieces to first be manually cut and then feed into the machine. Instead, a mulcher simply drives straight over the tree and smashes it to pieces. 

This method is by far the quickest and most efficient method of clearing trees and bushes. An added benefit is there is often nothing left to dispose of as the mulch is spread evenly over the cleared area to act as a weed suppressant.


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